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The Cost and Future Scarcity of Electricity

Thursday, July 17, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

CNN’s Situation Room just carried a report that electricity costs in Maryland and D.C. have soared 46% in the past two years, and that “experts” predict widespread shortages of electricity across the country in just three years.

Given the ability to build new nuclear power, plants there is no shortage more easily remedied than that of electricity. But building the nuclear plants requires political will and legislation clearing the regulatory hurdles out of the way. Let’s be clear: This is another Democrat-made shortage, and like the Congress-induced bans on producing oil that have led to the soaring price of gas, if you want more energy pain on the electricity front, just vote for Obama and his colleagues on the Hill. They have no intention of doing anything about the need for more energy in all of its forms.

Their solution remains the same: You are to shut up, sit in your dark houses and sweat. Deindustrialization is the Democrats’ only plan.

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