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The Competence Question: Who’s Got A Clue In The Obama Administration

Tuesday, August 4, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

A week after “cash for clunkers” cratered, and months into the un-stimulus, Americans are beginning to question the competence of the Obama administration.

Now the “czar” if cybersecurity is heading off into an early retirement, and Treasury Secretary Geithner is exploding in anger and expletives. Only the hard left loves the Canada-style makeover proposed for healthcare, and the president’s outreach to Iran and other fascist regimes is stalled out.

A little more than six months into a four year term and voters have begun to wonder whether the new president is up to the job.

August is the typically toughest month of the year for presidents, but it is also an opportunity for course corrections. President Obama would be well served by some quick moves to rein in his hard left allies in the House and Senate, and by some down time away from the center stage where his nearly constant appearances began to annoy rather than inspire weeks ago.

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