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The Colberts Who Don’t Know They Are Colbert

Thursday, March 25, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

My new column is up.

Please keep the donations to the NRCC flowing. MSM is busy trying to turn the narrative from the jam down of the hugely unpopular Obamacare to anything else. The NRCC will be charged in part with keeping the focus on the effects of the law’s roll-out and to prepare candidates to make the most effective arguments about the law and the need for repeal, reform and replace.

Off to read the obituaries to see what Obamacare did for the medical system today. Here’s the new NRCC ad running against Betsy Backflip Markey in Colorado’s 4rth Congressional District. Markey voted against Obamacare in the fall but then voted for it this week. My friend Tom Lucero is running for the seat, and you can contribute to Tom’s campaign here.


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