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The Clark County, Nevada Commission: Was Rory Reid On The Clark County Commission When It Rezoned Harry Reid’s Property?

Friday, October 13, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Harry Reid hit the jackpot because after a few “lucky” breaks, the land he secretly owned in partnership came before the Clark County Commission sometime between 2002 and 2004, and the Commission, over the recommendations of lower bodies, rezoned Harry’s sweetheart deal to accommodate a shopping center.  I cannot find a date for the rezoning or any online agendas or staff reports connected with the process.

The Clark County Commission has seven members, two of whom were certainly on the Commission at the time of the vote:  Bruce Woodbury (a Commissioner since 1982) and Yvonne Atkinson Gates (a Commissioner since the early nineties).  Two other commissioners may have participated in the rezoning: Myrna Williams (who has been on the Commission since early 2003), and Rory Reid, elected to the Commission on January 6, 2003.  (Lynette Boggs McDonald was elected in November of 2004, and it doesn’t seem likely she vote on the rezoning, though I don’t have an exact timeline, so it is possible.)

It appears that Harry Reid’s son may have been on the County Commission when the rezoning was voted upon.  If so, Rory Reid may have recused himself, or perhaps Nevada law would have allowed him to vote on the zoning on a piece of property in which his mother and father had an interest.  I suppose it is conceivable that the younger Reid didn’t even know he was voting on the senior Reid’s property.

But surely MSM will dig out some answers and a detailed timeline on the property that Harry Reid didn’t want the public to know about?

UPDATE: From a Nevada e-mailer:

Two of the County Commissioners who voted to rezone Reid’s land deal from
residential to commercial are Dario Herrera and Erin Kenny, both poltical
proteges of Harry Reid, who micromanages Democrat candidates. Both Herrera
and Kenny are going to jail in the GSting scandal for taking bribes not only
from a [strip] bar owner (thus GSting), but also from land developers and many
others. Big money, big crooks, no grey areas.

When did the land get rezoned?  Where’s the staff report?  Does it mention Reid’s ownership interest?


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