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The CIA in Free-Fall

Tuesday, May 9, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Reuel Marc Gerecht writes about the ongoing collapse of the CIA in today’s Wall Street Journal (subscription required.) Closing graphs:

Regrettably, reform at the CIA is now dead. The only real chance opened immediately after 9/11 and closed when President Bush decided to retain the services of George Tenet, who always remained close and sympathetic to the operations directorate. Ms. Harman, many other prominent Democrats, and the anti-Bush press have put another nail into the clandestine service’s coffin by rallying around an organization that desperately needs to be radically deconstructed. However tepidly or lazily Mr. Goss approached his work, he and his abrasive minions ought to be complimented for at least firing somebody. Given the history of the CIA, this is not an insignificant achievement.

In the 1980s, it was the Republican Party which was hopelessly lost concerning the supposed value and achievements of the CIA. Today, it’s the Democrats who’ve lost it. This is a pity. The first-rate young men and women at the CIA, who have been quitting Langley quietly in large numbers for decades, deserve better.

The Hayden hearings, given the decision by Members of Congress to declare their opposition before the first question is asked and answered, will only make things worse.

Meanwhile, Iran rushes towards its nukes.

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