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“The Church Of Joe-Bob Briggs (A Splinter Group Of The Church Of Subgenuius, Formed In The Great Bob Schism Wars Of The Early Part Of This Century)”

Thursday, April 12, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Lileks reviews my book.  (Which you can order here, or from the Josue-redesigned bookshelf above).  To have Lileks review your book is a little like climbing aboard Magic Mountain’s Viper –which I have never done and don’t ever intend to do.  (Note to book review editors across the land –you would be a genius to put Messrs Lileks and Steyn under contract for 750 book-related words a week.  Tens of thousands would bookmark your section, but I digress.)

Later in the day I shall shameless steal the entire review and post it here, but for the time being, treat yourself to a fine explication of the dangers of poking about in a candidate’s faith, as well as an assessment of the GOP presidential race ten months before Iowa caucuses.


The most recent “reader review” at begins: “This was really an unexpectedly excellent book.”

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