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The Buckley Legacy Continues: The 10th Anniversary of NRO

Thursday, October 12, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Powerline’s Paul Mirengoff notes the fun that was had at the 10th Anniversary party for National Review Online last night, and The Corner has many other glimpses of the occasion.  (Hotline’s also got a shrewd assessment of the Mitt Romney appearance there.)

Not only congratulations to the NRO gang, but thanks are in order.  These online pioneers led the way, and by giving their journalists ample opportunity to publish both deeply reported pieces along side asides and catcalls and lame jokes, NRO revolutionized center-right journalism.  The focus at NRO has always been on the truth as they see it, and sometimes that leads to intra-team arguments which are carried on candidly between their many extraordinary contributors.  Sometimes it leads to arguments with fellow center-right journalists and with the Bush Administration and the Republican Congressional leadership.

But mostly it leads to intelligent assessment of crucial issues, and to an informed and entertained reading public. Hat’s off to Rich Lowry, K-Lo, Jonah and the gang, and of course to the fellow who got the ball rolling, WFB.  What would the world look like if Buckley had not decided to change it in 1955?


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