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The Bombay Murders and the New York Times/Los Angeles Times

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Another series of savage attacks have killed scores in a major city of a major ally.

Those killers and their allies would gladly deliver the same destruction on American trains, planes and in American buildings.

That they have not been able to do so within our borders since 9/11 is because of the success of law enforcement and intelligence agencies, a record made more difficult to maintain with every press revelation of methods and sources, whether the NSA surveillance of terrorists communicating with their agents within the US, or of the Swift program’s effectiveness in following the money.

When the death scene of Bombay –and London, Madrid, Beslan, Jerusalem, Egypt,Jordan, Bali etc– is recreated here, then will people  look back at the recklessness of Bill Keller, Dean Baquet and other Bush-hating hyper-partisans and demand an accounting.

It may take a decade, or a generation, or even longer, but if these papers survive (and there is great doubt on that score at least as regards the Los Angeles Times) a day will come when their editors issue an apology for the fecklessness.  It will be too late for some future victims, but like Walter Duranty, Keller and Baquet will eventually be discredited and their papers shamed.

If you missed it over the weekend, be sure to read the analysis by retired 30 year veteran of the FBI Dennis Lormell on the harm done by these papers.  (Lormel’s bio is here.) Then reread the accounts of the Bombay bombings.


I interviewed Dennis Lormel for today’s program, an interview I will play in the second and third segments of the first and third hour today.  Here is one excerpt:

HH; Dennis Lormel, do you believe that some terrorists will elude capture because of these stories?

DL: I hope not, but, ah, yeah. I actually do. I think it certainly helps. I think it has disrupted some investigative techniques, and that is kind of troubling.

A transcript of the interview will be posted later at


This is a major development in the GWOT, and not just because of the scale of the attack, but also because India is among our most important allies in the war.  American media needs to get smart about the significance of this attack asap. As Peter Brooks writes at National Review’s The Corner:

The big question is whether there is any Pakistani complicity, such as the ISI (Pakistan’s often rogue-like intelligence service), in the attacks. With all that is going on, the last thing we need to add to our “to-do” list is walking the South Asian nuclear rivals back from the brink of war


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