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The Blue Dogs and Political Suicide

Wednesday, August 5, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Democratic Congressman Collin Peterson of Minnesota came out against Obamacare today.

Two Arkansas Congressmen, Mike Ross and Vic Snyder ran into upset voters at a townhall today, a meeting that clearly communicated that the “compromise” Ross negotiated last week isn’t cutting it.

This isn’t organized by the RNC and it is not the “mob” that the DNC and Barbara Boxer say it is.

This is disgust with a leftwing attempt to ruin American medicine for political chits. Americans know that tens of millions of people with employer-provided insurance will lose that insurance and be forced into a government plan, and that the only way to pay for this massive expansion of coverage to the uninsured will be high taxes and rationing. Obamacare frightens and disgust voters, and those who support it will lose in large numbers in 2010.

That’s what is already obvious, and the

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