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The Blagojevich Sinkhole

Wednesday, December 10, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The scale of the Blagojevich scandals should begin to become apparent today, as MSM grasps how deep the corruption is in Chicago, and to estimate how far-ranging it must be within the political elites of Illinois.[# More #]

Then they will figure out that the president-elect has many senior aides and advisors who are deeply embedded in those Chicago elites. Perhaps all of the president-elect’s aides and advisors from Chicago will be completely clean of associations with Blago. But that is is a conclusion no one can reach now or anytime soon.

The key questions for the president-elect, as I said last night on Hannity & Colmes, are two:

Will he (and Attorney General-designate Holder in his confirmation hearings) commit to allowing U.S. Attorney Fitzgerald to pursue the investigation as far and as deep and for as long as necessary?

And will the new president commit to firing immediately anyone in his Administration implicated in any of the ripples flowing out of the Blagojevich scandals?

The must-reads on the scandal going forward:

John Kass
Lynn Sweet
Jake Tapper

If you were going to leak something, it would be to one of these three.

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