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The Audacity Of Denial

Tuesday, April 29, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

So, was Obama just as naive as a child for 20 years, or as disingenuous as any major political figure of the last forty years when he denied knowing the real Pastor Wright this morning?

Either way it creates a huge issue for voters. Is Obama a dupe, or just duplicitous? Do you want him in charge of the nation’s security, making judgments about our enemies?

Follow-up reporting should focus on the depth of the relationship between Wright and Obama. In Philadelphia Obama described a deep, strong and personal bond. How deep? What did they talk about all these years? How could you miss the government-created-AIDS etc?

“I did not vet my pastor before I decided to run for the presidency,” Obama declared today. That’s not the point. The point is Obama’s judgment. Or his truthfulness.

One starting point —as Stanley Kurtz notes today, Pastor Wright attended the Million Man March. So did Obama. Obama writes about the Nation of Islam in his memoir, Dreams From My Father. How can Obama possibly expect us to believe that he didn’t know that Pastor Wright esteemed Louis Farrakan? This morning Obama used the Wright praise of Farrakhan yesterday as one of “ridiculous propositions” that led him to “denounce” Wright.

(When men from my church attended the Promise Keepers rally in D.C. in 1997, they went as a group. Do you think that either Obama or Wright traveled with others from their church membership to the rally? I hope a reporter asks Pastor Wright that follow up.)

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