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The Army Of Sarahs and Charlie Gibson

Friday, September 12, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Perhaps because they were exactly as I expected, I was not angry with Charlie Gibson’s questions and style. But my e-mail box is full of folks from the Army of Sarahs who were. Here’s one very representative e-mail:

I just finished watching whatever I could find on ABC’s website of
the Palin interview with Charlie Gibson. I was appalled, not by the
questions but the manner in which Gibson addressed Governor Palin. He talked to her as if he was her grandpa and she was a wild-eyed 18 year old college freshman who had grand ideas about the world but knew nothing of it.[# More #]

You could tell by his facial expressions and his demeanor that he had already rejected her responses before she even finished them. This was evidenced by the fact that several times she had to repeat his name just to get him to look at her and engage her ideas. Instead of obliging, he had already moved on to his next question in his own mind.

I had high hopes for Gibson. He has in the past seemed to be a level headed individual who engages other people’s ideas and opinions with dignity and respect. I had expected him to ask tough questions and I wanted him to do so since that should be the job of a reporter in his position. But I had hoped that he would show courtesy and respect in an engaging conversation. Instead what we got was an attempt to ridicule by ignoring the ideas of a bright lady. Gibson demonstrated that he thought he knew what was right and wrong in the world and thus could blow off anything Palin said.

With reference to my life experience, I am a young pastor. As such if I were to ever talk to anyone in the manner in which Gibson spoke to Palin, I would be discredited and rejected immediately. There are many times I discuss theological issues with people who know a fraction of what I do but I never have spoke to a person in the manner in which Gibson did to Palin. Furthermore, if I as a pastor ever addressed a woman in the way Gibson did to Palin, I would labeled as a sexist. Quite frankly, that was the first word that popped in my head as I finished watching his interview.

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