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The Arizona Charade

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On yesterday’s program I asked Arizona Governor Jan Brewer about the states rogue redistricting commission and the drive to impeach its members, beginning with the chair of the commission (which occurred on Tuesday.) Here’s what she said:

HH: I hope you’re going to go forward with the impeachment of the members of the redistricting commission for their unconstitutional setting aside of the guidelines, especially compactness that they were supposed to deal with. What’s the status of that, Governor Brewer?

JB: Well, they…I called them into special session, and they have gone to the floor, and they have voted that out. And right now, as we are waiting, we assume that they are trying to go to court to overturn that. Now whether they have success or not, we don’t know. But stay tuned, because this battle is not over.

HH: So you intend to follow through to the best that you can to remove them from that commission?

JB: Absolutely. Absolutely. You know, we want a fair and open process. And I issued a letter to the members, and they replied, two of them, one of them under oath of perjury, and the other two not. And so we are going to continue to pursue this and see what direction we need to take. But we’re not going to allow that type of behavior, if you will, in the interest of the public, to continue in that manner.

HH: Do you believe that, it’s sort of a piece with your whole attitude towards governing in Scorpions For Breakfast, that moving forthrightly against quite an obvious hijacking of what was supposed to be a non-partisan effort is consistent with how you’ve governed in every other situation?

JB: I do, absolutely. I think that you have to be a truth teller. And of course, it always comes back to doing the right thing means doing the hard thing. No one likes to be in the front of the battlefield. But you know that’s your job, and you move forward, and you do what’s right. And that’s how you sleep at night.

The left seized control of the “independent commission,” just as it did in California, proving again what anyone remotely familiar with this process knows –politics cannot be taken out of it, and thus it is best to leave it to the political branches who are at least accountable to the voters if the manipulations are too gross.

The Democrat author of the jerry-rigged process is complaining now that the governor and state senate used the powers given them under the initiative establishing the commission. Without a chair, the four remaining members are going to have to find a replacement who will in turn have to figure out how to repair the damage of the ousted chair working with the two highly partisan Democrats. No one who looks at the draft maps could conclude other than that they were a Democratic hatchet job, so the more attention the better despite the hand-wringing from Democrats dressed up as good government types.

Of course the corrupt commission is suing to keep the elected officials from doing their jobs. At some point the commissioners are going to realize that 42 USC Section 1983 makes them vulnerable to personal law suits for their abuse of the Constitution’s guarantees regarding voting.

Arizona is a deeply red state, just as Massachusetts is a deep blue state. When political minorities attempt to steal the power they cannot fairly win at the ballot box, majorities should and do react with force and passion. Governor Brewer and the state senate are to be commended for carrying out their responsibilities, but they ought to go forward and remove the other two commissioners who voted for the radically unfair draft maps. Those draft maps would have been just fine had elected officials produced them and passed them through a legislature, but not as the end product of a commission whose job it allegedly was to clean up the process and remove politics from the mapping.

The cynical approach adopted by the partisan majority is a reminder of how the left approaches every contest for power. Jan Brewer is to be commended for refusing to roll over and accept the results of the rigged gamed.




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