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The Appeasers Object

Tuesday, September 5, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson lets fly with a howler today, the latest complaint from the appeasers camp that complains about being labeled appeasers.  Here’s what passes for an argument among that circle:

We can pretty much set aside Cheney’s recent remarks, since he’s been wandering in the rhetorical wilderness for a long time now. But I can’t resist citing one line. He told the VFW that the “Bush Doctrine” is to hold accountable “any person or government that supports, protects or harbors terrorists.” So what about the newly installed Iraqi government, with its suspected ties to Shiite death squads? And what about the Pakistani government, which gives the Taliban and al-Qaeda safe harbor?

Apparently the policy of the Appeasement Democrats is to attack out friends and ignore our enemies.  Thus in Mr. Robinson’s world, we should withdraw support for the newly elected Iraqi government and turn on President Musharraff because, in the former case, the government in Baghdad is alleged to have ties to extremists and in the latter because the Pakistan ISI did indeed support Islamists before 9/11.

Send Robinson’s column to all your friends, especially those who vote.  This is a glimpse of the Democratic foreign policy in waiting, a foreshadowing of the deamnds of a Democratic Congress for investigations of human rights abuses of the new Iraqi government and for a cut-off of aid to Pakistan.  As was the case with foreign policy under  Presidents Carter and Clinton, today’s Democrats find it much more compelling to attack our friends while turning a blind eye towards our enemies.  This approach brought us the Islamic Republic of Iran during Carter’s years and a nuclear North Korea and 9/11 under Clinton’s watch.

Eugene Robinson longs for the good old days when our leaders did not speak of the dangers of the world.  “Peace in our time” did not appear in his column, but it surely is on his mind.

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