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The Appeasement Press, Part 2

Wednesday, September 20, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

As his Wall Street Journal article this morning demonstrates, Michael Rubin is not part of the appeasement press.

But E.J. Dionne certainly is, as the appeasement press always finds an opportunity to blame the West for the outrageousness of the responses fomented by Islamist propagandists.  In yesterday’s column, E.J. hits appeasement perfect pitch:

Benedict’s defenders have a point when they question whether his comments fully justify the explosion against him in the Muslim world. A significant number of Muslim religious leaders have said some harsh things about Christians, Jews and Western secularists in recent years. Would that all of Benedict’s Muslim critics were as critical of anti-Christian or anti-Jewish statements from their own side.

But that is precisely why all who are hoping for a liberalized Islam should take Benedict to task, and why he needs to use that great intellect of his to move this discussion in a different direction.

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