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The AP, FNC’s James Rosen…and Who Else?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt


Was Eric Holder recused from the Rosen surveillance as well as from the snooping of AP (and the House)?

If President Obama was willing to have two different news organizations/journalists surveilled, why not 3, or 30?

The irony, of course, if that the Beltway media went into a swoon over the president from the time he was a senator, and he went into overdrive on the surveillance of their activities.

It is a cliche, but worth using: Imagine if W….

I will spend post of the show on this topic today. Perhaps by show time someone will have asked Jay Carney or Eric Holder if they are aware of any of other surveillances of journalists (and be sure to include broadcast and blogging journalists int he question as well as print reporters.)  When Jay says no, ask him if he or anyone else at the White House has asked Justice?  Ask him as well if he has check with the White House  Counsel whose job it apparently is not to tell anyone anything at the White House.

For some background on James Rosen, here’s the transcript of my two hour chat with him from 2008 when his excellent biography of John Mitchell was published.

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