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The “Amigo” Test and Biden’s “Baseball Has Been Very, Very Good to Me” Moment

Tuesday, September 13, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

New York’s Chuck Schumer actually used time in today’s hearing on the suitability of John Roberts to be the Chief Justice of the United States for perhaps 30 years or more, to ask Judge Roberts whether he regreted having used the term “illegal amigos” in a White House memo from more than two decades ago.

This is what pases for seriousness from Democrats: Are you now, or have you ever been, so insensitive as to use the term “amigo?”

Senator Schumer: So my question is not the substance, but do you regret the tone of these memos, do you regret some of the inartful phrases you used in some of those memos, for instance, a reference to “illegal amigos” in one memo?

For a display of Slow Joe Biden’s stunning grasp of the rules of baseball, see Radioblogger.

If Slow Joe can’t even read a rulebook generally understood by most Little Leaguers, can he be expected to grasp the finer details of ConLaw? See also this comment from Patterico on Beldar’s blog.

NOTE: I had originally written that Schumer objected to the term “three amigos,” when in gact his outrage was directed at the term “illegal amigos.”

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