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The American Catholic

Friday, July 13, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The Barna Group has a new poll out on American Catholics.  Among the findings:

Compared with the general populace, the average American Catholic donates 17 percent less money to church and is 38 percent less likely to read the Bible, 67 percent less likely to attend Sunday school, 20 percent less likely to share their beliefs with someone of a differing viewpoint and 24 percent less likely to say their faith has changed their lives, according to the poll, which was conducted by phone in the latter half of 2006….

Pollsters found that Catholics were 16 percent more likely than the norm to have attended church in the past week and 8 percent more likely to have prayed.

For a discussion on the changes underway in the Catholic Chuch, see this conversation between Father Joseph Fessio and Professor David Allen White.  Or listen to it here.

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