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The Adopt a Box of Docs Initiative

Friday, August 19, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Over at Radioblogger at this hour, the “adopt a box of docs” initiative is rolling along. If you are a blogger willing to examine, analyze and post on a box of online docs from John Roberts’ years in the White House Counsel’s Office for the purpose of letting the blogs know what is interesting therein and likely to be disfugured and manipulated in the coming smear campaign against Judge Roberts, then e-mail me or Duane (or both) at or

Duane is allowing folks to pick their own box from among the ninety or so available online, but we need volunteers ready willing and able to wade through such offerings as “recess appointments #20.”

And if you think it is too much trouble to try and help in a small way in the looming confirmation battle, or that it is one of the last weekends of summer, drop by Blogotional’s “Too good not to post.”

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