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The Absurdity Of The Obama-Biden-Pelosi Democrats

Sunday, August 24, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

From George Will’s column on the ridiculous rhetoric of Obama and the Dems on energy (HT:

There never is a shortage of nonsensical political rhetoric, but really: Has there ever been solemn silliness comparable to today’s politicians tarting up their agendas as things designed for, and necessary to, “saving the planet,” and promising edicts to “require” entire industries to reorder themselves?

None of Obama’s proclamations on our energy future are remotely achievable in the time frames he asserts. That which could be done to increase the supply of energy and drive down the cost of gas and heating oil –drilling off shore and in ANWR– are forbidden. And the nuclear power capacity we must have and must begin to build immediately is only grudgingly if ever mentioned by the Dems.

All week long the Dems in Denver will sing of their concern for the working man and woman pinched by today’s economy, but that which they could do to quickly and significantly help they will refuse to do.

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