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The ABC Assault on Jordan Edmund

Friday, October 6, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The Oklahoman details the impact on Jordan Edmund of the revelation that he and Mark Foley conducted an IM exchange full of graphic sexual language.  Some reports have suggested that Edmund punk’d Foley, and then forwarded his IM exchange to other pages, and that somewhere along the line the IMs were given by someone to ABC’s Brian Ross, who had them posted on the ABC web site.  It is also possible that Edmond was contacted by ABC and did not object to the use of the IMs.

Whatever their source, when ABC posted the IMs, the news organization included data which led to the identification of Edmund as Foley’s IM partner.

Yesterday Rush wondered why Edmund had hired a lawyer.

I am uncertain what the tort law of D.C. or other appropriate jurisdiction is, but there are four common law privacy torts: Appropriation, intrusion, public disclosure of embarassing private facts, and false light.

I don’t know if Edmond has the basis for a tort action against ABC, but it seems certain that ABC added to any harm that Foley had already done to Edmond.

Which may explain why ABC and Brian Ross are dodging the obvious questions.

 The depositions should be interesting, as will all of Ross’ posts on the subject now that ABC has entered the land of potential lawsuits.  Are the ABC lawyers inspecting each of the posts to minimize future lines of inquiries in the legal proceedings to come?

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