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The 49th State and the 51rst Vote: Joe Miller On Today’s Program

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Alaska was admitted as a state on January 3, 1959. Since then it has sent a series of high profile and very outspoken legislators to Washington, D.C.

Joe Miller promises to continue this tradition. The West Point and Yale Law School graduate is a plain-speaking Constitutionalist, a believer in the originalism school of federal-state relations which often directs readers to the 10th Amendment and to the overarching theme that the federal government is one of limited and specifically enumerated powers.

Joe Miller beat incumbent senator Lisa Murkowski in a fair and open fight. He simply outworked her. After a gracious concession, Senator Murkowski flip flopped and decided to mount a write-in campaign that some Democrats believe open up an opportunity up north to steal a seat just as they did the late Ted Stevens after the political prosecution of that senator two years ago coincided with his re-election campaign. Keeping this seat in GOP hands could well mean the difference between a GOP majority and a Democratic majority.

It is hard to imagine what Murkowski is thinking, except of herself and the high opinion her friends have of her. To endanger the rebalancing of the Senate at just a moment in our history when such a return to common sense is urgently needed is almost unfathomably selfish. She simply cannot believe her own rhetoric about the urgent times in which we live if she so fecklessly endangers a solid seat because of personal ambition.

I was glad to support Murkowski in 2002 and 2004 when she was first appointed to her seat and then defended it. She is not a thorough-going conservative, but compiled a solid voting record in support of conservative goals and the GOP caucus agenda.

But once you lose a primary, the next step is to thank the voters for the trust they reposed in you for a time and then to walk away with a pledge of support to the Republican who bested you. Putting personal ambition ahead of the country’s need is unfathomable, no matter how deep the hurt or stinging the rebuke.

Now a lot of scarce resources have to pour into Alaska to defend a seat that should be a walk in the park for the GOP this year. All because of the selfishness of one politician. It is unbelievable, and a blight on an otherwise distinguished career. Unless she quickly reverses course and drops her doomed write-in campaign, Lisa Murkowski will be known as a sore loser, not a fine senator who served well.

In the meantime, raising support for Joe Miller is a key goal for the conservative movement nationwide. Miller will join me on today’s show, and you can contribute online here. Please dig deep not just for Joe and the GOP Senate majority, but for the idea that elected officials ought to listen to voters, not treat them with contempt.



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