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That’ll Fix Everything

Monday, June 6, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Buried deep in Mike Allen’s Playbook is this item:

BREAKING, from a White House official: “The President in the State of the Union launched a commitment to winning the future by out innovating the rest of the world. [On Monday], Acting Deputy Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank is leading the first meeting of the Innovation Advisory Board, which will further inform the administration’s efforts to meet the President’s mission and create jobs. The Board will build upon the early work and findings of the Jobs Council and StartUp America to advise the Department of Commerce as it produces a report in January 2012 assessing America’s capacity for innovation and our global economic competitiveness.”

Does anyone, anyone at all, believe that this advisory board will accomplish anything at all except the expenditure of funds on travel, meetings and a report no one will read? It is a title-creating exercise, a line on the resume of friends and contributors, and an expression of the awful incompetence and tin-eared indifference of a president who has no idea how the private sector works and who has no clue on what to do about an unemployment rate that mocks the “accomplishments” of his three years in office and all of the promises he made to get there.

Now the president is reduced to touting a task force that will issue an assessment of the country’s capacity for innovation. What a farce.

Here is the list of task force members, each one of whom is almost certainly a well-intentioned volunteer. But all of their good intentions won’t accomplish a thing, especially against a backdrop of a president and Administration that won’t even issue permits to drill for oil in the Gulf, permits that employ known and next generation technology to produce energy, jobs and profits and thus the growth that powers genuine innovation. More would be accomplished for innovation with the issuance of a single stalled permit than twenty task forces with all their deliberations and recommendations combined.

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