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That Kos Magic

Friday, October 6, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Kos and other residents of the fever swamp got Ned Lamont the Democratic nomination for the Senate seat by assaulting Joe Lieberman’s credentials as a “real” Democrat.

Lieberman is crushing Lamont, by 20 points according to the laughable Zogby, and with comfortable margins among reputable pollsters.

So the reaction from Kos?  Throw the long ball, covered with Foley slime, at Lieberman:

Covering for a sexual predator roaming the halls of Congress is A-OK with Lieberman….

The case against Lieberman is deep. But nothing has exposed the sheer moral vacuousness of Joe Lieberman than this incident.

The case against Lieberman is now beyond reproach.

The MSM might want to ask if Lieberman is “covering for a sexual predator,” and the follow-up question:  If the crazy left says that about Lieberman, why should we believe what the crazy left says about Hastert?

The answer: The MSM shouldn’t, and the voters won’t.

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