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That Father Fessio Interview, Again

Friday, January 20, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

My January 5 interview with Father Fessiocontinues to produce rumbles through the Commentariat.

Today it is Diana West in the Washington Times with a column “The Silence That Speaks Volumes.”

Three days ago it was Daniel Pipes
, and his column in the New York Sun prompted another seminar participant, Christian W. Troll, SJ, to e-mail with his recollections of the Benedict XVI’s remarks in the gathering:

I can only say that the reported remark of the Holy Father, among others, points to the well-known point of essential difference between classic mainstream Muslim and classic mainstream Catholic theology concerning the Word of God and of revelation/inspiration. It also suggests that Muslim theological thinking must deal with the weight of this deep-rooted faith conviction and the theological vision it continues to shape.

However, I cannot remember at all the Holy Father having said the words reported at the end of the indented paragraph in D. Pipes’s report, “The Pope and the Koran,” that “There’s no possibility of adapting it or interpreting it.”

For additional analysis of the interview, see OneTrueGodBlog’s many posts on the exchange.

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