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That 1980 Feeling

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Mitt Romney takes the stage to deliver his nomination speech. The former Massachusetts governor entered through the crowd, greeting delegates. Photo: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images / SF

Mitt Romney put himself in a position to win the election last night with a very good speech that brought a very successful convention to an inspiring close.
Except for the professional left and a few talking heads eager to be noticed, Romney’s speech worked on many different levels for many different sets of voters, and was especially effective in communicating the key message: That Romney was ready to be president and uniquely qualified to take over for the incompetent and flailing President Obama.
This was the theme of the entire three days of proceedings and Romney provided exactly the right close, He was wonderfully set-up by Marco Rubio who took an audience that tuned in to watch Clint Eastwood and inspired it with a story of the best that America has to offer. Eastwood’s performance divided the Twitter house, but there is no denying that it added millions of eyeballs that would not otherwise have been tuned in to watch first a rising star of the Senate and then the next president. High stakes theater, yes, but also of a piece with the selection of Paul Ryan: Romney is willing to surprise and to innovate. The Olympians, the moving personal testimonials and the very personal stories in his own speech made the night a huge win for the GOP nominee, and the convention, which was in danger of a cancellation last week turned out to be like the Salt Lake City Games, the Massachusetts budget and so many of the businesses Romney started or resurrected: A very successful turnaround.
I’ll spend the show today collecting reactions, but this much is clear: Mitt Romney is a very talented, very mature and very focused man whose entire life has prepared him to take on the enormous problems he will be inheriting. He has a few more tests before the election, especially the three debates, but the president and the Chicago gang know that for the first time since he lost to Bobby Rush, President Obama is facing an opponent who overshadows Barack Obama in political skill and who is actually going to be equally funded. It goes without saying that the ideas Romney champions are far superior to those of the hard left ideologue who campaigned on “hope and change,” hut even with the smoking ruins of the Obama presidency in plain view for all to see it was still necessary fo Romney to demonstrate the poise and statute that people want of their president. He did that. He did far more than that, in fact.
It has long felt like 1980 and never more than last night


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