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Thanks, Columbia, For Turning A Holocaust Denier Into A Victim: Columbia Gets Punked

Monday, September 24, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

What a fiasco.  On and on Ahmadinejad goes, creating a windfall of propaganda for his barbaric regime that will be sliced and diced a hundred ways in the Muslim world, while Lee Bollinger congratulates himself on his long list of questions not one of which has been answered.

Columbia got punked.  And no doubt President Bollinger doesn’t even know it.

“We love all nations. We are friends with the Jewish people.  There are many Jews living in Iran peacefeully…”

That’s the master propagandist’s response to the dean’s first question about wanting the destruction of Israel. 

Punked. Punked. Punked.

The dean “Many members of our audience would like to hear clear answer to that question.”  He wants a “Yes” or “No.” 

He doesn’t get the answer. 

Punked. Punked.  Punked.

The dean answers Ahmadinejad’s question, and Ahmadinejad thanks him for his cooperation.

Punked. Punked. Punked.

The dean moves on.  Ahmadinejad never answered the question. 

Punked. Punked. Punked.

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