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Thank God for Mike Pence

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So, a few days ago, WaPo publishes a profile of Karen Pence (wife of the vice president) in which it is revealed that Vice President Pence conducts himself with strict adherence to some pretty common Evangelical norms – and suddenly a litmus test was born.  Having grown up Hoosier (For the uninitiated, which most of the Left clearly is, a Hoosier is a person from Indiana – you know where Pence was governor before he was vice president) this bit of news was the least remarkable thing I have seen in a long time.  But apparently, if you are of the Left, this is banner headline stuff worthy of shock, derision, dismissal, ridicule and denouncement.

Google it up and and there are volumes of copy – all of it from the Left.  As Aaron Blake at The Fix said:

…the initial reactions of those on the right: that plenty of people in the United States simply don’t understand them and have dismissed them as Neanderthals — deplorables, even. The fact that this kind of arrangement is so foreign and unthinkable to some people in this country reinforces what separate worlds we live in.

I honestly do not know what is worse, the fact that even if people on the Left do not choose to conduct themselves in the same way they find the vice president’s behavior so remarkable (here’a clue people – it’s not – without even trying I can name off the top of my head hundreds of people that conduct themselves in the same fashion.) or that they find the efforts of a man to remain faithful to his wife and sober worthy of such derision and ridicule.  That’s all this is about, a man avoiding temptation.

There is only one problem with Blake’s conclusion above. Only the Left lives in a separate world.

Those of us on this side of the aisle are not shocked or amazed at how the Left chooses to conduct themselves in such areas of their lives. How could we be?  Their behavior is forced into our homes in even the seemingly most innocent of entertainment.  Moreover, we experience infidelity, drunkenness, and all sorts of other such behavior in our midst every day – it is not foreign to us; it is not “other-worldly.”  We just seek to overcome it – that’s all.  We want a better life, not a life mired in the pain of divorce or hangover.

Moreover, such enables us to have complete and deep sympathy and empathy with those whose conduct is outside of these norms.  The sympathy and empathy results not in derision or dismissal, but in compassion – compassion that wants nothing more than to have those that live outside our standards to experience the joy and happiness that we have found.  We don’t live in a separate world, we are just trying with all our might to build a better one.

The only separate world here is the one people are building to remain walled off from the possibility of something better.

When I begin to collect material for this post my intention was to ridicule the Left in response to the ridicule I have watched a very honorable man suffer under for the last few days.  But how can you ridicule something as absurd as finding fidelity in marriage and sobriety somehow “deplorable?”  I certainly can’t.

The more I researched and thought, the more I wanted to weep.  I am so sad for people that struggle so hard to fight against something better.  I can’t bring myself to ridicule them, I just want to love them into something better.


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