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Team Rubicon

Monday, February 1, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Zack Smith was part of the second team that traveled to Haiti to assist the injured. He heard about Team Rubicon, called Jake’s dad, and got himself to North Carolina and from there to Haiti and spent 10 days using his paramedic training to assist the surgeons and other volunteers. (Jake’s an EMT from Roseville, CA).

He called the program today, and Duane will post the audio here later. Please give it a listen.


One of Zack’s colleagues, Gregg LaVeau, writes about the mission here.

C.S. Lewis once wrote that “We make men without chests and then expect of them virtue and enterprise.” The Team Rubicon volunteers demonstrate that our country continues to turn out men with very great chests. It isn’t surprising that many of them came with military service in their backgrounds, though some did not have that training, nor is it necessary for “virtue and enterprise.”

Team Rubicon is going to look into developing their model further so that it can be made to work after other disasters strike. New media allows men and women of courage and spirit to act together quickly, and I hope my listeners will continue to support the team as it organizes for the future.

One further note: I think every first responder in California could benefit greatly from listening to one or more of the folks from Team Rubicon. When the big one comes to California, I hope Jake and gang aren’t far behind, and that the self-organizing lessons they learned in Haiti have been widely disseminated and absorbed.

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