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Talking With TPaw and the Worst Wall Street Journal Editorial Ever?

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One more day and we will all know the result and the tea leaves can go to their rest.
To pass the time try reading my interview from yesterday’s program with former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. He certainly sounds like a Vice Presidential candidate, whose primary job is to give 10,000 interviews that reinforce the nominee’s campaign theme.
And don’t miss what is quite likely the dumbest editorial ever written by the Wall Street Journal. Is Paul Gigot on vacation? The piece argues that because Congressman Denny Rehberg voted against Paul Ryan’s budget that it would be better to have Democrat Jon Tester stay in that Senate seat. Given that Judge Charles Pickering was my guest yesterday –a victim of Senator Patrick Leahy’s serial filibusters of 2003-2004– I am perhaps a little more sensitive to the significance of 51 votes in the Senate caucusing with the Republicans, but we expect some level of seriousness from the Journal, not fits of adolescent pique. As yesterday’s decision in the D.C. Circuit underscores, just as tomorrow’s in the Supreme Court will trumpet, the control of the confirmation process is not something to be tossed away because some editorial writers are purists of the most absolute sort.
Imagine if the Democrats held on to the Senate by one seat, and Denny Rehberg lost by a handful of votes. Would the Journal proudly claim that result as its own, and then applaud the work of Harry Reid over the next two years? The Journal can’t be bothered with the messy stuff of passing a reform of Medicare, only pretending to want one.
The Brief Against Obama continues to do very well in its first few days, and among the most interesting of reactions was Geraldo’s who, asking himself who could be counted as a more completely failed president that 44, offered up only a weak stab at Nixon and George W. Bush before giving up the game. RN’s tenure ended in a spectacular collapse, of course, and W’s eight years are looking better and better as the financial panic is increasingly understood as far beyond his ability to prevent, but President Obama’s record is all of his own doing, and it will anchor his reputation firmly with Carter’s for as long as objective historians are working.

The Brief Against Obama: The Rise, Fall & Epic Fail of the Hope & Change Presidency


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