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Talking Juan Williams With Howard Kurtz

Thursday, October 21, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Howard Kurtz, now of the Daily Beast, was my guest in hour two and we discussed NPR’s firing of Juan Williams, the case for defunding NPR, and whether any report by NPR involving any of the issues touched on Williams has any chance of being credible.

The transcript is here. One key exchange:

HH: But would you trust any reporting now that comes out of NPR about CAIR or the issue of Muslim dress, or the issue of how people feel about threats from Islam[ist] extremism? Because they’ve clearly shown themselves not to be capable of accepting a wide range of opinions. Why would anyone trust them?

HK: Well again, I’m going to resist the broad brush, because you know, if some NPR host or reporter does a story about terrorism or Muslims or anything like that, the Mosque controversy in New York, you know, I will judge that on the merits. I’m not necessarily convinced that this is some edict that has come down, an order for everybody to be politically correct all the time. Does it send that message the way in which Juan Williams was treated? Well yeah, probably. So I maybe need to monitor that a little bit more closely.


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