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T-Paw on Judges, the NLRB and the Twins

Wednesday, May 25, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The transcript of my wide-ranging conversation with Tim Pawlenty from today’s show is here. One excerpt, dealing with Team Obama’s attack on Boeing’s decision to build a new plant in South Carolina:

HH: Now on the administrative side, Governor Pawlenty, the Obama administration’s National Labor Relations Board has launched a war on Boeing. Today, they’ve launched an attack on Massey Coal, on Peabody Coal. Basically, they’re harnessing every aspect of the federal government to go after business, large and small, but mostly large. What’s your reaction to these sort of vendettas of the administrative agencies?

TP: Well, it’s a reflection of a broader problem, which is government stifling, regulating, burdening, taxing, slowing down businesses in this country. And it is not just you growing government’s footprint and running up their budgets. It’s doing something else that’s even more corrosive, Hugh. It’s discouraging the American spirit. And to have a federal agency tell an American company where they can and can’t do business in this country is outrageous. And we need to stand up and say that, and not mince words about it. That is an agency that is out of control, and this is a free country. We should have businesses be able to expand and grow wherever they’d like, for obvious reasons. And it is a reflection of the Obama administration, a government-centric, top down, heavy-handed, ham-fisted approach that is not good for the economy, and it’s not good for America.


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