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Sweeping Generalizations: Evangelical Category

Monday, October 10, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Over at The Corner, John Miller writes:

SUPREME GAMBLER [John J. Miller]Why aren’t evangelicals up in arms over the fact that Harriet Miers ran the Texas Lottery? Aren’t evangelicals largely opposed to gambling, especially of the state-sponsored variety?

I don’t think the folks who are predicting “no fallout” from the defeat of Miers are aware of the anti-Evangelical perception that is growing. There are Evangelicals supporting Miers–including the most influential names from within that community– and there are Evangelicals opposed. But suggesting that Evangelicals are guilty of hypocrisy in this instance is exactly the perfect approach to pushing some of a crucial demographic towards the sidelines.

J-Pod says it is getting worse. He has no idea.

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