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Supporting the Syrian Spring?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The Syrian dictator and his alwys ruthless security services reportedly butchered a score of people on Sunday as the regime struggles to contain the growing demand for freedom.

Unlike the Western cheering that accompanied the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia and the Western intervention in Libya, this Arab uprising is getting third class treatment among the nation’s Obama-cued MSM because Team Obama has decided to keep its position close to the vest, as it did during the quashing of the Iranian revolution almost two years ago.

It is difficult to understand ambivalence here. Syria is a state sponsor of terror and an agent of the nost brutal repression and assassination in Lebanon, a cooperating enemy with Iran that has allowed jihadists free transit into Iraq to kill Americans, and a developer of WMD which the Israelis had to strike and remove. It has a record of killing thousands of its own people in Hama. Though it lacks the power of Iran or the advanced nuclear technology of North Korea, it is clearly the best candidate for replacing Iraq on the axis of evil were the Obama Adminstration ever to squarely confront, assess and list America’s most dangerous enemies. Mild statements accusing Iran of helping its Syrian friends repress the Syrian people aren’t what is necessary.

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