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Supporting Slander Of The Military By Supporting The New Republic

Monday, October 29, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Confederate Yankee’s Bob Owens has owned the Beachamp fabulist story from the moment The New Republic threw caution and journalistic standards to the wind and ran with the Beauchamp columns.

With the exception of a few old left MSMers like the Los Angeles Times Tim Rutten, no one is bothering to try and defend The New Republic, or its paper-mache walling (I can’t call it stone walling as it has been so singularly ineffective in anything except increasing the risibility factor around the woeful magazine’s dogged refusal to admit it was punked.)

Now Owens suggests it is time to take the campaign for an apology and accountability to the corporate sponsors of the magazine, and provides a handy set of links with which to do so.

Owens also notes that The New Republic is owned by Canwest MediaWorks, whose CFO is John McGuire, and provides an e-mail to Mr. McGuire,

I’ll interview Owens on today’s program.


Here are the Board members of Canwest. Here are the bios of senior management.  Seems like a sensible and experience group of business people.  So why are they allowing The New Republic to damage its (and their) brand?

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