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Supersimbo Et Al

Wednesday, May 7, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

A blog of the RagamuffinSoul community.

See also Chad Jarnigan. And NormalRockstar. And Going To 11. And about a hundred other links thereon and around.

Randy has been stirring many pots. He’s a one-man manifesto.

Wandering around this sub-hubbed community underscores my belief that the Evangelical Manifesto is really not an idea for a time of exploding diversity. When there was even informal hierarchy, manifestos might have influence.

But in a world full of influencers you have never heard of, connecting to other subcommunities you couldn’t imagine —like church sound maestros!– presuming to speak for them all is, well, at best over-confident.

“Evangelical Manifestos” of the future will not have to be read, but will be evidenced by the changes they have brought about. They will not have to be announced, merely recognized.

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