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“Stopping The Destruction of American Health Care”

Thursday, February 26, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

My new column is up.

UPDATE: Another CPSIA horror story:

Hi Hugh-

Again, thanks so much for doing this story!!! I never thought of it from the health care angle, but that is sooooo true! Arg!

I am a small business owner, a work at home mom, and the wife of a PhD student. Money is tight in our house, so even with my full time job that I do at home, my two year old to take care of, and all of the household duties, I decided to start a business last summer to help us make ends meet.

I make safe teething toys from quilting cotton I buy from Jo-Ann fabrics and stuffing made from PLA fiber (which is basically corn made into a stuffing for toys that is not petroleum-based). Nothing in my toys are toxic, or even have the potential for being toxic. Cotton fabric is notoriously lead-free, and the stuffing has no phthalates in it because it is not plastic. Regardless, I will be required to test my toys for lead and phthalates. I just started up my business last year in June. From June to December, I sold my teething giraffes in 36 different fabric patterns. Under CPSIA I would be required to test each and every fabric pattern for lead and phthalates. The estimated cost for this testing would be around $90,000. I only brought in (before expenses) $4500 last year. I would be running a deficit of $85,500. Obviously, I wil be put out of business by this law.

I sell my giraffes wholesale to a few baby boutiques, but mostly on There are hundreds of thousands of shops on etsy and elsewhere that will be shut down by this law. I’ve been writing and calling and meeting with everyone I can think of, but I’m not sure the voice of the small business work at home moms will be heard over the voice of the leftist lobbiest groups that are for this law as-written.

Thank you so much!

–Suzi Lang
Starbright Baby Teething Giraffes

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