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Stopping Obamacare: Ten Bucks for Tark, Part 2.

Monday, August 24, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

In the last hour of Monday’s show, I suggested that opponents of Obamacare could make their voices really be heard by a key player –Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid– if they sent $10 to Danny Tarkanian, Reid’s only declared opponent in the 2010 election, and then e-mailed Senator Reid that they had done so because of his support for Obamacare and would continue to send more contributions to Tarkanian if Senator Reid continues to support the radical overhaul of American medicine.

Danny Tarkanian is the only declared opponent of Senator Reid in next November’s election, and you can contribute online to Tarkanian’s campaign here.

You can e-mail Senator Reid here.

You can copy me at

My e-mail in-box is stuffed beyond overflowing with copied receipts of $10 (and sometimes $25 for couples) contributions to Danny Tarkanian and messages to Senator Reid. Because this is a concrete way of registering serious objections to Obamacare, it is working. I hope other talkers, bloggers, and citizen activists opposed to Obamacare recognize the efficacy of this effort and join in promoting “$10 for Tark.”

I hope you’ll try and be persuasive in your e-mail to Senator Reid. E-mails backed up by contributions to the campaign funds of political opponents get read. If Senator Reid tells the president the bill is dead, it is dead. If Senator Reid thinks the bill will kill his re-election, it will be dead, whether or not Senator Reid acknowledges the opposition or not.

If you are serious about defeating Obamacare, send $10 to Tark. And tell Senator Reid, me, and your friends that you did.

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