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Steyn v. The Canadian Human Rights Commission

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I got an update from Mark Steyn about the continuing attempt to intimidate him. Is there no one with half a brain on the Canadian Human Rights Commission who sees what fools this prosecution makes of them? The beginning of the exchange:

HH: Give us an update on your travails with the Canadian Human Rights Commission, Mark Steyn.

MS: Well, you know, this is, of course, immensely dreary from my point of view. I’m kind of modestly encouraged by the fact that almost all the commentary has been pro-Steyn. Or not exactly pro-Steyn, but they’ve tended to take the line, well, Mark Steyn may be an appalling, misguided, idiotic, racist buffoon. But on the hand, we still believe in free speech. And I think the plaintiffs have actually been a little rattled at the overwhelming support, and in fact, opposition, to the case they’re bringing. And they’ve been reduced, they keep changing their argument. Their argument now is that my insult of the Human Rights Commission process, I don’t believe that any court in Canada should have the right to decide whether any Canadians, whether free-born Canadian citizens are entitled to read my column. I was asked whether I wanted to get off the hook, and I said no. I wanted to take the hook and shove it up the collective butt of the Canadian thought police. And I was, and this was perhaps excessively magnificently robust.

HH: (laughing)

MS: But it was widely quoted in The Economist, and around the world, in fact, and The Australian. And so I’m obliged to stick by it now, and I mean it. And so the plaintiffs have taken the new line, that Mark Steyn’s attack on the Canadian Human Rights Commission is in fact an attack on all Canadians. So they’re defense is evolving in interesting ways.

HH: Oh, it is splendidly magnificently robust, and I hope you play the line out like tuna fishing or something, that they get the hook in and they swim against the current for a few hours.

MS: (laughing)

HH: Oh, they should be cutting the line as quickly as they can at this point.

MS: Yeah, I think they would like to. I’ve…I don’t normally pester government officials, but I wrote to the minister of justice a couple of days ago, and he seems in no hurry to respond to me, so I think the government recognizes that to a certain extent, this is something that the Human Right Commission’s not going to come well out of it, and quite rightly so. The lamps are going out on liberty all over the free world, and Americans should understand and value their 1st Amendment. And they should be very concerned that the free expression is not quite so easy, never mind in Europe, but even just north of the 48th parallel.

Read the whole thing. If the fools at the CHRC allow this to go forward, the media tsunami that will build around Steyn will be enormous. There’s got to be a way for the Commission to quickly dismiss the idiotic attempt to silence Steyn.


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