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Mark Steyn On The Latest Benghazi Developments

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HH: Mark, I want to begin with the big story that broke this afternoon at CNN. I read from the read blog,


Sources now tell CNN dozens of people working for the CIA were on the ground that night in Benghazi, and that the agency is going to great lengths to make sure whatever it was doing, remains a secret. 


The CIA has learned that the — CNN has learned the CIA is involved in what one source calls an unprecedented attempt to keep the spy agency’s Benghazi secrets from ever leaking out.


And Since January, some CIA operatives involved in the agency’s missions in Libya, have been subjected to frequent, even monthly polygraph examinations, according to a source with deep inside knowledge of the agency’s workings.


The goal according to sources to find out if anyone is talking to the media or Congress.


What do you think was going on in Benghazi, Mark Steyn?


MS:  Yes, this is the big question isn’t it? We know, we know that, that the brave men on the ground there fought furiously to protect America’s interest. Meanwhile, the guys back in Washington were essentially protecting nothing but a pre-election news cycle. That was their priority. And, its fascinating to me that from the word “go” from the minute this business began around about 8:30 in the evening Benghazi time, middle of the afternoon in Washington, the priority of those guys in the White House and in the State Department was simply to protect Obama in the pre-election news cycle. And what is, was happening at that so-called, because again, if you recall, Benghazi was initially described as a Consulate. Then it turns out it’s not a Consulate. You can’t actually get Visas to travel to the United States there. It doesn’t perform consular services. Then we get business about the Ambassador being there at the Consulate on September 11, a key date. Again, that’s unusual. An Ambassador accredited to the capitol city of a country isn’t actually that often in obscure out of provincial diplomatic facilities on key dates. Then we get the news that there is some kind of CIA building that is also located, a CIA annex located in Benghazi. There is a story here and I’m very pleased CNN has been doing some work on this because, the, the—Washington’s urge to protect Obama has actually squashed the story that Americans are entitled to hear here.


HH: Mark Steyn, there is also Washington D.C. MSMs desire to protect Hillary Clinton who, of course, spoke with the number 2 Hicks that night at 2:00 AM and then never called him back in the middle of chaos, abandoned her people on the ground and she is involved in a cover-up.  There is no other way to put this.


MS: No. I think, I mean I think that’s actually fascinating. The Prime Minister of Libya had time to—Hicks was the number 2 guy there to Chris Stevens who died in Benghazi and Hicks is stunned when he hears that his Ambassador is dead. He’s back in the Capitol and he hears that—uh, that uh—in Benghazi that the Ambassador is dead. The Prime Minister of Libya takes the time to call Hicks and have a long conversation with him, but the guy is now charge in Libya, can’t get a hold of anyone in Washington. Can’t get a hold of the President, can’t get a hold of the Secretary of State, he can’t get a hold of anyone who matters in his own Capitol, but the head of a foreign nation is the only one who speaks to him.


HH: It does appear to me that the Republican House that investigated with Mr. Hicks may have botched some of the lines of inquiry cause they did not press upon what he and Hillary spoke about and what was going on on the ground there, but there is pretty of time here, Mark Steyn, the question is: Do you expect the MSN, and I mentioned to you, I spent so much time talking with Mark Leibovich, the author of This Town, I don’t think this town is interested in that story or will ever be that interested in that story, because it will burn and singe Hillary’s ambitions.


MS: Yeah, and I think essentially they are in the same game as everyone who mattered in Washington in the middle of the afternoon that day.  They are basically interested in protecting the news cycle. So, what we call Benghazi, “Benghazi” for the media is not a story about a what was going on in a town in Libya. It’s a story about what is going on in Washington and who they want to protect in Washington. So the real Benghazi, where an American diplomatic facility is aflame and the Ambassador is dying and 2 CIA guys along the roof of a building are fighting for their last breath so that the death toll in Benghazi is only 4 Americans rather than 40. They are not interested in that real town called Benghazi in Eastern Libya. “Benghazi” to them is a Washington story so it’s the usual hideous beltway parochialism this time in the service of an utterly undistinguished woman’s presidential campaign.


HH: And if they indeed they were shipping arms to militants Iran contra style—it’s a great story and unbelievable that they are not following-up. They are interested in keeping her safe, Mark Steyn, but next hour Joe Scarborough is going to join me, and I asked him to come on because he said this the other day on MSBC:


JS: “Have you seen what Ted Cruz is doing?”


MB: “Yes. Ah,”


JS: “He’s going cra–he’s just going crazy on Republicans. It makes me sad when Republicans say bad things about other Republicans.”


MB:“We could start there. . .”


HH: Now, Mark Steyn, it goes on for a long time and Joe is good enough to come on and he’ll defend that and, of course, he goes after Ted Cruz for attacking Tom Coburn which Ted Coburn actually didn’t do, but Ted Cruz is coming up after the break to talk about this as well. There seems to me to be a concerted effort among the MSM to pit Republicans against Republicans to Rand Paul and Chris Christie get down in the dirt and Rand Paul threw a couple low blows, have Ted Cruz opposite Tom Coburn, and by diverting attention from the underlying issue which is Obamacare is going to bankrupt the country.


MS: Yeah, you know, I’m not adverse to infighting in political parties. I think, I mean it’s actually very healthy. What I find odd about and creepy, in fact, about the Democratic party is that takes weeks to turn them even away from obvious creeps like the Mayor of San Diego. They all stick with him for the first 3 to 4 weeks, and it’s only when the number of women coming forward starts to approach double figures that they then decide—decide they have a difference of view with them. Same with the fellow in New York, Weiner. And I think it’s actually [laughing] actually healthy to have—there is a big question mark about what sort of Republican party ought to be offering itself to the electors in next year and in 2016 and I think it’s actually, I think it’s actually healthy to have a big policy debate on that. I mean all these things, the Obama world, the world Obama has made of a massively expanded government, not really a federal government anymore, a national government sucking up 25% of GDP now and forever. The best approach to that is the debate worth having?


HH: Well, that’s what I’m going to argue to Joe is that these arguments good, but what I’m getting peeved about is that the media will not cover the substance of the debate, instead they are attempting to personalize Ted Cruz and turn him into some kind of whack job when, he is in fact, probably the smartest guy in the United States Senate at least when it comes to the Constitution. Not many people have argued 9 times in front of the Congress—the Supreme Court. At the same time the President says this last week upon greeting the President of Vietnam:


BO: [Vietnam’s president] saying, shared with me a copy of a letter that was sent by Ho Chi Minh to Harry Truman and we discussed the fact that Ho Chi Minh was actually inspired by the U.S. Declaration of Independence and Constitution and the words of Thomas Jefferson. Ho Chi Minh talks about his interest and cooperation with the United States and President Sang indicated that even if it is 60-70 years later it’s good that we’re still making progress.


Mark Steyn, that is among the most remarkably stupid comments from an American president ever. The man is a killer. Just substitute Pol Pot for Ho Chi Minh and imagine, I don’t even know if the MSM would catch that one, but they didn’t catch this that ho Chi Minh was Thomas Jefferson with a death toll in the millions.


MS: Yeah, and, you know, there is nothing, there’s no big news here except that Obama was stupid—all revolutionary leaders, most revolutionary leaders look, look for some relatively benign ideological justification for what they do and then mysteriously end up killing millions of people. But what I find interesting about this, is that, that the Vietnamese guys pulling the same trick Obama does in, for example, the second inaugural, he takes the language of the Founders and yolks it to an argument for, for something that would utterly revote the Founders.  I mean, Obama in his second inaugural was basically citing America’s Founding Fathers as the justification for a big, bigger government than anything George III ever dreamed of. And that his genius to effectively and list the Founding Fathers in his perversion of their vision. And so, in a sense the Vietnam guy and Obama are entirely on the same page in that respect.


HH: Does anyone call him on it though?  Does, are we so far gone from history that no one will comment on the fact that the President is holding up Ho Chi Minh as Thomas Jefferson with screw your hair?


MS: No, I, people don’t. People think this is actually incredibly normal, but somehow the Constitution now is whatever Obama happens to say it is. The Declaration of Independence is whatever Obama happens to say it is and he’s a kind of genius like that.  If you back to his first inaugural address he fools quite a few people, including many people at National Review, my own magazine.


HH: You bet. Mark Steyn, thank you., America. I’ll be right back with Ted Cruz on the Hugh Hewitt Show.


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