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Steyn on the Homophobia/Islamophobia Showdown and George Clooney

Thursday, March 2, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

When will CAIR debate Andrew Sullivan on the persecution of gays in the Muslim world?

Mark Steyn’s column is a good warm up for his interviw today. As is this offering, with the perhaps never-to-be-topped reply to George Clooney:

This is the Platonic reductio of political art. Say what you like about those Hollywood guys in the Thirties but they were serious about their leftism. Say what you like about those Hollywood guys in the Seventies but they were serious about their outrage at what was done to the lefties in the McCarthy era ‘” though they might have been better directing their anger at the movie-industry muscle that enforced the blacklist. By comparison, Clooney’s is no more than a pose ‘” he’s acting at activism, new Hollywood mimicking old Hollywood’s robust defense of even older Hollywood. He’s more taken by the idea of ‘speaking truth to power’than the footling question of whether the truth he’s speaking to power is actually true.

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