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Steyn on Robertson

Thursday, January 5, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Mark Steyn, on my radio show earlier today:

As for Pat Robertson, he sounds as nutty as these Imams, who say it’s the will of God. I don’t subscribe to this equivalence between, you know, Wahabi Imams and Christian fundamentalists. But I’m prepared to make an exception for Pat Robertson.

Radioblogger has the entire transcript of the interview posted.

Radioblogger will also post today’s conversations with the Wall Street Journal’s Brett Stephens, who was editor of the Jerusalem Post for three years, with RNC Chair Ken Mehlman and Colorado’s Governor Bill Owens, with Lileks and with Father Joseph Fessio, Provost of Ave Maria University, and friend and student of Benedict XVI.

Just another day’s work on talk radio, the “angry rabble” as so many old media irrelevancies deem it.

Of course, old media has the mine disaster covered 24/7.

For a list of links to posts commenting on Mark Steyn’s essay, see here, and scroll down.

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