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Steyn on Blair and Cameron

Tuesday, March 21, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Mark Steyn, writing at National Review’s The Corner:

[Blair] got the one big question of our time right – and that’s one more than the British Conservative Party got right. The old heavyweights from the Thatcher-Major cabinets have been mostly opposed to the war on terror and the younger guys have been pathetically opportunist – sometimes for it, sometimes against it, sometimes for it but against the grounds on which Blair went into it, etc, etc, nuancing themselves into the special circle of hell reserved for John Kerry self-twisting pretzels. I have no idea of what David Cameron, the latest Tory leader, really believes about the war, and I don’t suppose he does either. He had a meeting in London with Condi and co that was supposed to put the Tories back on the right side of the Bush Administration and, from what I hear, the big ninny flunked the test.

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