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Steyn, Lileks, Blackwell and McGavick

Thursday, September 14, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

A fun show today, with much attention to be paid to the obstruction of the military tribunals bill by Senators McCain, Graham, and Warner. You can call Senator Graham’s office at 202-224-5972, or contact any of his South Carolina offices listed here.  His e-mail is down.

Drop by Ken Blackwell’s and Mike McGavick’s web site and help the cause.  Both have been developing significant momentum over the past two weeks.

Drop by Mark Steyn’s and James Lileks’ websites as well, but don’t try and find a “contribute” button.  Just order their books, including Mark’s brand new America Alone.

In the comments section to Mark’s interview with Brad Miner there is this comment about Mark:

I can’t help but recall Chesterton’s description of Kipling, which I think applies in a way to Steyn: “Now, the first and fairest thing to say about Rudyard Kipling is that he has borne a brilliant part in thus recovering the lost provinces of poetry. He has not been frightened by that brutal materialistic air which clings only to words; he has pierced through to the romantic, imaginative matter of the things themselves. He has perceived the significance and philosophy of steam and of slang. Steam may be, if you like, a dirty by-product of science. Slang may be, if you like, a dirty by-product of language. But at least he has been among the few who saw the divine parentage of these things, and knew that where there is smoke there is fire – that is, that wherever there is the foulest of things, there also is the purest. Above all, he has had something to say, a definite view of things to utter, and that always means that a man is fearless and faces everything. For the moment we have a view of the universe, we possess it.”

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