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Steyn and Yon and Breitbart and Lileks

Friday, August 21, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

On yesterday’s program I asked Mark Steyn to listen to the opening segment of Newsweek’s podcast, which featured two Newsweek editors talking to a Newsweek editor and a guy from the SPLC. Steyn called the Newsweek panel the “new death panel,” but the fisking Mark delivers is not to be missed. The transcript is here, but you really should listen to the podcast of Mark listening to the Newsweek podcast. As a big bonus, you’ll also hear from Andrew Breitbart on Alinsky’s Rule #12.

Then there is my interview of Michael Yon who is in Helmand Province. The transcript is here and the podcast here. (I replayed the Steyn interview in hour three, but had to cut the third segment to get to Michael, so to listen to the full Steyn conversation, you have to listen to hour one.)

Finally, James Lileks weighs in on the great Zombie debate in hour two. To get there, you’ll first enjoy Michael Gerson, Pete Wehner, Mary Katherine Ham, Guy Benson, and Frank Gaffney.

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