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Stephanie Ruhle on Michael Bloomberg: Is Press Secretary Ruhle In The Future?

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MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle joined me this morning, talking the “Green New Deal,” and Michael Bloomberg:




HH: That was Mitch McConnell. Ed Markey is co-sponsor with AOC of the resolution of the Green New Deal, came out and blasted Mitch McConnell. Don’t let Mitch McConnell fool you. This is nothing but an attempt to sabotage the movement we are building. (Queeg strawberries clip). We have been laughing at them. Not sure what Stephanie Ruhle thinks about the Green New Deal. She is, of course, with MSNBC. Watch her twice a day. Stephanie, good morning to you. How are you?

SR: I’m great. What do I think? Not too much, yet. I think that you know, similar to what I would say to what Nancy Pelosi has said, which is I haven’t even seen all of the details. Let’s take a step back. I think the spirit of the Green New Deal is admirable, because it reflects a movement. But as far as the actual details, what it is, what it looks like, how it would be implemented, it’s something entirely different. You know, you heard that from Mike Bloomberg, Mike Bloomberg who said yes, he definitely seemed that there is an interest in it.

HH: Yes.

SR: But what this actually is, is probably not the right thing. But it sounds like maybe it’s just a first blush.

HH: You know, Stephanie, I have been thinking to myself as we’ve seen car crash after car crash among Democrat would-be candidates, and they can all recover from them, but I don’t think Elizabeth Warren can recover from hers. But the other ones can. But that Joe Biden and Mike Bloomberg bring steady hands, lots of experience and fundraising prowess. And don’t Democrats want to win? Even if they’re older white men, don’t they want to win enough to really nominate someone who’s steady at the tiller?

SR: I think, look at you with the sailing reference. I think there’s a good chance they may. I don’t think the Democrats are playing another just yet. I think, look at the last election. There were many Democrats who would say in retrospect they didn’t even have a chance to stand up and say I’m interested, because it was clear Hillary Clinton was coming, and no one else was allowed to raise their hand. So we’re still very early in the game. So there’s a lot of people right now that want to raise their hand and do their dance and raise some money? Go for it. But do I think the Democrats are going to say no, we will not have a senior white male as our candidate? No, I don’t think they’re going to do that.

HH: You know, I think the Trump killer is Michael Bloomberg. I think Joe Biden has some problems because of age and his gaffe history, but I think the Trump killer is Mike Bloomberg. But you’re in New York City. You probably follow him more closely than I do.

SR: I worked for Mike for five years before I was with MSNBC.

HH: Oh, I didn’t know that.

SR: I was at Bloomberg TV, so I was very close with Mike then. I remain close with Mike now. Mike has spent at least ten years spending an enormous amount of money and research on running as an independent. He made it very clear a week ago that it would be a mistake for Howard Schultz to do so. Mike obviously considered a run the last time around, and he realized running as an independent would only ensure more votes for Donald Trump. So yes, in circles like New York City and Florida, where people know Mike best, they’re very enthusiastic about him. His challenge is name recognition. People outside of New York and Florida don’t really know him. And one of the problems is those people in New York and Florida are the same people who only vote in one state.

HH: You know, Stephanie, my boys, whenever my wife is nagging them, called her Betsy Bloomberg. And so there are some people that think he’s kind of a scold, but I think he’s also kind of a sophisticated manager. What I really want to know is do you think he’s going to run?

SR: I do think Mike is going to run.

HH: Interesting.

SR: But I think the fact that he was a three-term mayor, I think his extraordinarily strong stands on gun control, and Mike limiting the supersized drinks you can have may have worked in New York. Those things are a very tough sell outside of New York. The three-term mayor thing, if you look at Mike’s approval rating that last term, it was certainly significantly lower than the first two. And New Yorkers could say listen, I love Mike, I love his politics, I was happy to have him run a third term. That is a precedent that people don’t feel comfortable with on a national scale.

HH: So Stephanie, if he wins and he’s the president, will you go be his press secretary?

SR: I would definitely be open to it.

HH: I just thought so. That, this sounds like we found the Stephanie Ruhle favorite. And I’m, actually, I do believe he’s the Trump killer. I do. And it’s a question of whether or not he gets in. Stephanie Ruhle, follow her on MSNBC, @SRuhle on Twitter.

End of interview.


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