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Start the Patriot Act Debate Now

Friday, February 10, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The Patriot Act negotiations have satisfied the four Republican senators who took a face saving change here and a rhetorical bit of puffery there and declared victory. Fine.

Now it is time to bring the Act to the Senate floor and debate it until the Democrats stop obstructing the renewal of the crucial law.

In the post below I link to Morton Kondracke’s column on the Majority Leader’s strategy for ’06. Rather than talk a good game, start the campaign with this debate front and center, and go straight at it without interruptions so the country can focus on and watch with some idea of what is actually happening in the chamber.

The Senate GOP will eventually learn that when they can focus on a single subject like judges or the Patriot Act –not the asbestos bill– the country gets an education in the obstructionist tactics of the left, and a reminder that it really doesn’t want the party of Boxer/Kennedy/Durbin/Leahy/ReidAbramoff running the country.

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