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Thursday, June 22, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Kos goes Life of Brian on The New Republic.

Now, does Kos’ line about the magazine’s “Lieberman-worshipping neocon owners” get close to whispering “the Jooos did it”?

DailyKos is home to anti-Semitic cartoons after all.

Yesterday I posted on Kos’ refusal to repudiate his disgusting “screw them” comment and the absurd defense he offered of it. Today’s outburst is another marker on his road to irrelevance. Whether Democratic Party leaders want to follow him there is up to them, but they should be on record about his post today.

UPDATE: Baseball Crank comments:

Now, there’s nothing sinister about having a non-public discussion group – I belong to two such groups, one just for the RedState contributors and a more random, open one run by Jon Henke of Qand) and including a bunch of mostly conservative and libertarian blogs. But it really is revealing of the minset at work here that anyone would even try to get not only bloggers but journalists to not write on a story. Trust me, the idea that you could get, say, Glenn Reynolds, Michelle Malkin, Jeff Goldstein, Hugh Hewitt, Mike Krempasky, Ed Morrisey and John Hinderaker to agree on a single approach to a story or, more particularly, to not touch a story – the idea that you would even broach that topic across a list of the top conservative and libertarian blogs – is inconceivable. Despite the Online Left’s insistence that conservative bloggers march in unison on an agenda handed down by Karl Rove, it’s apparently the lefties who are the ones seeking to enforce message discipline behind the scenes.

Clearly Rove told BC to write that.

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