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Speaker Boehner Refuses To Fold

Monday, April 4, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Good news out of D.C. as John Boehner refuses to be stampeded by the Dems and their MSM allies.

Keep an eye on the big four riders: Complete defunding of Planned Parenthood and CPB, and a halt to Obamacare regulations and EPA’s carbon rules.

Senator Lamar Alexander and House Rules Chairman David Dreier will join me on today’s program to provide updates.

House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan’s early outline of the FY 2012 budget has thrown the Dems into panic, and their MSM allies are rushing to help. On cue, Politico’s resident Democratic-staffer-turned “reporter” John Allen is quoting a Dem congressman who of course hasn’t seen the plan –no one has– as saying “”[t]hey think it’s politically easy to go after the most vulnerable of the vulnerable,” while comparing Ryan to bank robber Willie Sutton, all in a story that brands the (unseen) Ryan plan as a “gamble.”

Why would anyone think Politico had lurched left since the start of the Obama candidacy?

This is just the beginning of the “GOP wants to starve children” campaign which will run in parallel with the demonization campaigns in Wisconsin, Ohio and everywhere else the special interests of the Democratic Party are in the process of bankrupting the public fisc. This time, though, the public knows too much and the deficits and debt are too staggering to ignore. If the Speaker stands firm the Democrats will be urging that the government close in order to fund abortions and that nothing be done about a deficit that threatens everyone with a fiscal stroke even as Obamacare continues to poison the health care delivery system.

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