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Soxblog on Fukayama

Monday, February 20, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I repeat what I ssaid a couple of weeks back: If the Boston Globe wants some on-line traction, it should buy Soxblog and host him at their online edition.

Soxblog on Francis Fukayama:

What the ‘End of History’missed 14 years ago when it was written and what eluded Fukayama again yesterday is that the desire to live in modern prosperity is not universal. The increasingly prominent Jihadists couldn’t give a fig about such things; they’re happy kicking stones in Waziristan as long as they can lead what they consider to be a pious life. What’s more, they want, nay insist, that everyone else be like them. The fact that after all these years Fukayama is still claiming that prosperity and modernity are universal desires is stunningly obtuse.

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